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Update by user Mar 06, 2018

just kept the bag, it dont matter, lesson learned!

Update by user Sep 23, 2015

So I have use the LV bag now for amost a year. Is the bag worth $2000?

absolutely not. The bag has a ring that attached to a strap and it constantly pinched the skin on my shoulder.

So I just handheld or hang it in my arms. Therefore, it is a lesson learned, never again and life goes on....

Original review posted by user Jan 04, 2015

Wow! I wish I read this before wishing for an LV bag.

My husband surprised me with this bag for christmas. I used it for less than hour but decided I do not want such an expensive bag. We took it to LV store to return. They asked if I used it and I said I did.

They replied and said Im sorry, all sales are final. I was disgusted and cannot believe it this is how they treat their customers! As you can see the bags is brand new! This is a big company that should honor return within 14 days, what a shame!

I will never step in this store and will never give them a penny. People learn from this. Do not give any of your business to LV!

you will be sorry! if something happen to your bag, they will not refund it, period!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Bags.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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This is how luxury retail works. You dont bring stuff back.

All sales are final. If you dont like it, dont shop luxury.


If you are more than 18 yo and you decide to buy something you are responsible for your choice

to Anonymous #1439561

This review was 3 years ago, stop beating a dead horse. Who cares about a worthless bag?!


But you used the bag? Like are you people serious?

They ask that you not use it if you are going to return it. Why do you think they are going to change their entire policy cause you don't like anymore?


This review alone, makes me not want to order anything from thos company! Saw ya!!!

Beaumont, Texas, United States #1277486

Well you said you used it for 1 hour or for 2 years it's still been used not in original condition


These wallets they sell one year later it's calling apart at the zipper and has buckled on closure. Not worth 900 .00

Dallas, Texas, United States #1270185

After spending THOUSANDS in louis vuitton stores I was also a victim of the ridiculous return policy!!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1192625

This is absolutely not true. You may have gotten a bad associate.

Joplin, Missouri, United States #1189331

Handbag stores have this policy. Why would you want to buy a handbag that was used even for an hour not knowing what kind of person had it before you? I sure wouldn't.

to Anonymous Brunswick, Georgia, United States #1206689

Clothes are used when you purchase them. Models use clothing all the time,dry clean it, hang it back in the store.

Models wear shoes use duck tape on the bottom return them. Not unusual at all.

Get real! Why do you think there are sales?


You are contradicting yourself. You carried it (Yes, even for an hour counts because that's how most top designer brands work) and you TOLD the SA you used it, so why are you calling it brand new?

Because it's not anymore. LV does offer return/exchange within a very small period and ONLY on brand new items. Carrying it for an hour is no difference to the store than someone who used it for weeks and months because bottom line is the bag is now USED. LV stores do not resell used bags so suddenly this bag, which you told the store was used, is now worth $0.

Of course the store is going to say no. Even as a regular LV customer myself, my SA still explains very clearly to me their return/exchange policy every single time even though she knows I'm well aware of it.

But I don't agree with the other person who commented about class. Carrying an LV doesn't "bump" you into a higher class and same goes the other around. However, just note that buying LV on a regular basis and have a good, long history with your SA will help you in situations like this.

A regular, in your situation, may be able to do a return/exchange depending on their SA. Not a guarantee and doesn't mean the regular customer is any better than you (or your husband). It's just that the SA will want to "please" a regular more.

Unfortunately LV SAs don't treat all customers equally. It's the same pretty much across all top luxury brands - Chanel, Hermes (Oh god, don't even get me started with Hermes sales).

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1097774

Here's a simplified version of the lesson LV was trying to teach you; you aren't the sort of customer they want seen carrying their bags. Most of those complaining here need to learn their place in society.

LV doesn't need to care about what they think about their brand or how they're crying to the BBB. Stick to QVC lmao....

to Anonymous #1104135

And what kind of customer are you to be able to "sort" lower, middle class buyers? The noveau riche? Ow common!

to Anonymous Brunswick, Georgia, United States #1206687

My money(rich or poor) is aas good as anyone elses! Never ever judge a book by its cover either.

to Anonymous Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom #1263507

What kind of person carries such a bag anyhow? Obviously one with more money than moxie.

Your place in society dosen't depend on the fact you took out a mortgage to buy a bleedin' handbag. Perhaps it says something about your general philosophy of life though, and its not a good something.

to Anonymous #1377538

Seriously? What kind of comment is this?

So what society are you in? There are more expensive and luxurious brands than LV and their customer service do not suck.

to Anonymous #1439737

another shallow review... I cant believe I even read this! what a waste of time?!


Returning an item means there is a quality issue, irregardless whether its an expensive item or nor one belongs in the middle, upper, lower class in society.

I will not settle for something defective even if it is just a piece of pen bought in Walmart.

This is a venue to help others not malign anyone.

to Anonymous #1097776

Well, Vuitton's return policy doesn't agree, so they can do as they wish. Customers are made aware at purchase, so it's the buyer's responsibility to practice enough due diligence before making a purchase.

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