Louis Vuitton Artsy Mm Handbag Reviews

I purchased a Louis Vuitton Artsy Hobo Bag. I was so excited, I had wanted this bag forever. I own 5 other Louis Vuitton bags, all which I purchased from the LV store directly. This was my first time buying "consignment" however I thought, hey it's Louis Vuitton... these bags last a life time. I've never had any problems with my other bags or had to have them repaired.. they are all in new condition. I paid over $1500 ($1599 to be exact).
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I didn't like
  • Quality of product
  • Poor business practice
  • Fact you can not speak to a person
After a few months the leather on my handbag cracked on both sides simultaneously on its own. I took very good care of my bag so not sure what happened. I took it to client services and they told me they could not repair the leather and they would not rrplace it. So sad, I am out of $2100. I recently filed a claim with BBB but I understand if the company doesn respond to my complaint it affects their ratings but I am still at a loss. This...
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