I purchased a Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull Handbag from the Louis Vuitton Store in Naples, FL. They claim that the bag which is generously sized can be used for business or pleasure with an inner pocket sized to fit a long wallet.

With normal use, the stitching on both handles came apart, there were cracks and holes in the outer treated canvas coating,(Yes,Louis Vuitton uses treated canvas) and the plastic coated inner liner was peeling off in large chunks. I took it to the store to see if i could have it repaired. The store manager took one look at it, folded his hands and smiled with the phoniest smile he could squeeze out with out looking like he had gas and stated "This bag was well loved!". "This cannot be repaired and we cannot stand behind the product" "He then claimed that I probably had used the inner pocket for something very heavy causing this to the entire bag!!

I proceeded to empty the contents of the purse I was currently using which also had a generously sized inner pocket. In it was what most women carry in their inner purse pocket....lipstick,mirror,pantyliner,contact lens drops and tissues. HMMM...Heavy? NOT!

When I got home I called Louis Vuitton corporate customer service. They responded with "Im sorry there is nothing we can do because we have to go by what the store decides. I politely ended the phone call with a statement saying that I own four Authentic Louis Vuitton bags and I will never purchase another one. I also plan to take pictures of my purse and post it on the web so everyone who sees it can decide whether or not they want to support a company that certainly doesn't care about anything but greed.

"OUCH, there goes $950!! Bye, Bye Louis...I'll take my money elsewhere.

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There seems to be lots of defects with Louis Vuitton bags at the moment. I've had two bags now where the glue starts to break down and leaked all over the leather bags.

I took one back to Louis Vuitton in London and they gave me a full credit. I am just about to take another bag back thats been used probably twice, the same things has happened but the glue is all over the white and tan bag and also on the dust bag.


I have the exact same problems as stated in this review, and received the exact same message .... “Canvas is irreplaceable”.

So after 7 years, my bag is literally trash! So furious!!


I had an issue with my bag and took it to the Louis Vuitton store at Lennox Mall in Atlanta. Donna Huynh was the best client advisor ever.

She replaced my bag, no questions asked.

I turned to my husband and said you can buy me a bag from here anytime. #happycustomer


Trust me never spend the money on this type of crap bag for the prestige of two years or three years good luck they can keep it


It seems that every Louis Vuitton store tells you that the bag was well loved what a bunch of ***


Time for all of you ladies to resort to social media. That is the best way to catch their attention.

It has a wider reach of audience and it could spread like wildfire. I am sure Louis Vuitton and Gucci and those big companies will notice if our plea and negative comments are collective.


And I bought mine from Gucci in saks fish avenue in Phoenix AZ they are charging me to fix the handles that are tearing up on the sides. Of course if u have a nice bag and paid a lot of money for it u are going to use it all the time.


Same *** with Gucci! They charge for wear and tear they don’t cover it no matter how bad it was used.


Same thing here. I will never buy from the Naples location again. Poor customer service.


Hi, my husband purchased a LV purse for me at neiman marcus back on 2013. About 2 years of using the purse I noticed that the canvas was cracking around the opening of the purse.

I took it back to neiman marcus on 2017 (based on a friend’s suggestion) and they replaced the purse free of charge with a new one. The sales representative told me that purses made back from 2015 were made in France and the canvas used couldn’t withhold all climates, which they found out later.

If you canvas is cracking, take it back. I used my purse EVERYDAY for 4 yrs, including as a carry on for trips and it was replaced with no questions asked.

to Aly #1500861

I just returned my Artsy due to all four corners broke through and the handle was unraveling. I had carried it every day.

It was just under 3 years old and I had already had to have the handle replaced at one year.

They took it and after two weeks have decided I can have a new bag. Excellent customer service from LV at Palazzo hotel.


I' sorry to hear that you've got an unhappy shopping experience, there are so many greedy big company selling many low-quality products regardless of consumers' interests.

Recently, I've also wanted to buy a handbag for my girlfriend, and in a website I found a elegant one, but I wonder whether this bag from China is of good quality, so , can someone give me some advice?

The website is as follows:



I spent over $1500 on the Artsy bag an d the canvas is splitting. I took in to LV and they said there is nothing they can do.

I can't believe this crappy company.

DO NOT BUY LV. Inferior quality and no support!!!!!!!


I had issues in that same store.The older sales women has no idea what she is doing. The sales women insisted my handles on my speedy 35 were not theirs.

Even after I showed her the repair receipt. She had a problem with the color of the vanchetta. She took the bag in the back and said they were going to send it out. She quoted me over $500 on the repair for new leather.

She was shocked when I said ok.

She said our handles look like this. And they will probably send it back. Well it turns out it was their handles or they would not have repaired the bag.

I never got a apology from her. Just a bill for the repair.

The Naples store should educate their employees on their products better. And the woman could use a lesson on manners.

Clifton, New Jersey, United States #1234204

I have 12 Louis Vuitton bags and I personally baby all my bags. If they declare something defective they will repair for free.

I have one speedy for 20 years and it's just starting to have a little crack. So personally I think it's in the way you treat your bag.

to Anonymous #1409650

Not true. You can baby it.

Put in dust bag when not in use, it still cracks. I have a backpack and it tore.


My sister recommend me site http://www.authenticlouisvuittonbag.com. I purchased louis vuitton neverfull in monogram canvas.

The handle color has changed into honey brown and it has the date code inside. It is AUTHENTIC bag.

It only cost 245.99 USD. The customer service is wonderful!!

to juliewalter #1412420

Unfortunately, you do not own an authentic bag. That is a replica. So if you honestly feel like you are walking around with a REAL LV bag, I would change my way of thinking.


I thought LV had a lifetime warranty, otherwise why pay that kind of money for a bag? I was shown the door just like everyone else when my strap snapped.

I will buy all fakes from now on and hold my head up high! Believe it

to Anonymous #1097779

Vuitton DOES NOT offer a lifetime guarantee. They NEVER have.

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