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I must sayI was very excited about my handbag my husband had purchased for me Christmas 2009, it was the Tivoli GM and it was gorgeous and roomy. June 2012 I notice on the side of my handbag where it creases had cracks in the leather, I figured well let me take it to the store and see what can be done surely my handbag should not be coming apart or cracking in the leather.

I took my purse to the Louis Vuitton store in Oakbrook IL and was told that i will hear from someone within 10 days. Well Inever heard from anyone I had to call and I spoke with a Jeffrey Murratt, and he was very rude and condescending, Jeffrey spoke to me as if my money dis not matter and made me feel terrible!! Jeffrey went on to say things like "I know people who have had bags longer then you and it looks better then yours, "well it all depends on the type of people who carries the bag", these were statement that stuck to me. Jeffrey refused to get me the store manager and then the worst HE HUNG UP ON ME.

Needless to say I was very upset and did not pick up my bag until days later upon picking up my bag I requested corporate and a receipt of some kind showing that the bag actually went through their so call inspection Jeffrey refused ,I asked for the store manger I was told he was unavailable, Jeffrey and another co worker then invited to never return to the store in front of several customers. Again I felt terrible and left the store in tears. When I arrived home I inspected my bag only to find that the crack has now turned into a missing piece of my bag like they pulled it apart literally. I googled the corporate office only to get a consumer relations number i filed a complaint and was told to write a letter and a supervisor will call back.

Well I never received the call.

October I contacted the customer relations again because the handbag is getting worst I spoke with a Santiago and was told I would recv a call back no resolution.

My frustrtation is with the entire ordeal I never requested a new handbag if it could have been repaired I would have been satisfied but no one wants to take any accountability and I feel my $15OO has been flush down the drain due to the fact the purse is literally falling apart and the fact that Jeffrey was very rude,condescending and non sensitive to the sitiuation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Louis Vuitton Handbag.

Monetary Loss: $1499.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1207715

Simply put, you probably treated your LV like you would a Walmart purse. I treat my Coach like a Louie.

I take care of it. I can't fathom why someone would spend that kind of money for a bag and just destroy it.

Moline, Illinois, United States #1091579

Vuitton as a brand was never meant to be used by coloreds. It's almost as tacky as seeing one in Burberry nova-check plaid.

In the fashion industry it's no secret that Vuitton is pretty exclusionary in who it sees it's customer as, and historically they DO NOT like seeing "others" try to buy their way into what they want from the brand; in the case of coloreds, it's the status they think it will lend them.

Little do they know that from the Creative Director and Designers to the stores/boutiques, the message is clear: "A piece of Louis Vuitton was never intended to be accessible to anyone and everyone who could manage to finance it. It is in the interest of preserving our heritage and our future as a premier European purveyor of Luxury to the those it was destined for"

to J.Goldberg Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1223517

FOR REAL????? A brand not to be used by "coloreds"?

Who made you the arbiter of fashion and taste because you sound to me like southern white trash.I am embarrassed for you. Color me, white, French/American who doesn't need a designer name to define me but I own plenty. To my black sisters, I apologize.

Obviously a Trump voter. My mind is blown.....

to Denise Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #1234092

to J.Goldberg #1223519

Way to be a racist bigot dude

to J.Goldberg Laurel, Maryland, United States #1290091

LV was bought out from the French years ago. It is owned by Saudia Arabias and the quality sucks.

It's just a status symbol not an item of quality. They expect you to be able to afford to get a new one every year.

to J.Goldberg #1297041

I am still amazed how clueless and IGNORANT people are in the 21st century!!!!!! Dumb *** red neck Trump voter.

Education (out of the woods) is a good thing -- you should try it some time in a place where all kinds of people live together (you won't find that type of education in the woods). Pathetic.

Los Angeles, California, United States #951689

Louis Vuitton is designed and priced for a certain type of customer. It sounds like your husband saved and saved for a luxury item to give you, and since this was your first bag of that caliber, you treated it with the same care you'd give your bag from Macy's.

These bags are HIGH FASHION.

You were too rough with it and you broke it, then got mad when LV refused to comp it for you??? In all honesty, you don't sound like the type of customer LV wants anyway.

to KindSoul #1011902

I don't know how you can write a comment like that and call yourself "Kind Soul". Your words were in no way kind, so if this is your nature, start worrying about your soul.


You're buying China made handbags with a high price tag. What do you expect.


To the lady who posted this comment, don't pay attention to any of the *** comments being posted. They are all from this loser kid named Kevin even the faked named ones.

He just wants to get you upset by calling you six years old and usually calls you retarded. He also likes to spark racism arguments, just look at all of his former stuff. Don't buy into it. I think his boyfriend broke up with him or something like that so he is taking it out on everyone else now.

I would never disrespect my mother or sister like this but he has no cares about you as a person and thinks its funny.

I imagine what a loser he is in real life He made every one of these comments you can bet that. Worst part is he is Canadian which gives all of us a bad name.

to Anonymous Nevada, United States #929752

I only have one name, and if someone acts like they are six years old they will be called six years old, and retard you must be black also because my real state, California is not from Canada. I don't have a boyfriend, it is you who beats your wife and daughter, you admitted to this, and since these people are black I think the husband stole the handbag, or took one out of the trash.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915782

Your husband bought you a fake bag. And you probably went into the store acting like a loud mouthed fool.

to TLC #929394

You sound very ignorant, it seems you and Jeffrey have a lot in common.

to Anonymous #929407

Telling people the truth is not ignorant, your need to grow up and be careful with your property. Not Jeffrey's fault other people had the bag longer and it was in better shape.

If you knew how to take care of your stuff your bag would be in better shape. Your husband lost the money because you were careless.

to Anonymous Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #929725

Lmao....how do you know how I sound from written words??


Tell your husband to go kick their ****s.

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #896086

I must say I also was shocked at how the Oakbrook Store associate acted. I bought a great bag.

Still love it but the gold chain broke. I have my receipt and WILL get it fixed. It's the reason I bought the bag because they say they will always fix. People are just crazy and it's interesting that LV associates here in US are consistent to being rude and unprofessional.

I don't care.

I like the the bags. Just wish I lived in Lonfon to buy

Bewdley, England, United Kingdom #841762

people on food stamps should not be buying fake LV bags

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #841746

My Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM also have same cracks:( its only 5 years old and I take very good care of it.. it cracked same place too.

I paid 1500 plus a maching wallet 750.00... I disappointed too

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