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I bought a Felicie wallet at Neiman Marcus Louis Vuitton store in Houston, TX, Gallery Mall. I kept it for three months without open the box due I was sick, when I returned to Houston to my next medical visit, I liked another purse so I asked at the Louis Vuitton store in Gallery Mall if it was possible to exchange me it.

The associate said me that they can make an exception if the wallet was still new, I told him that YES, it was. I took the wallet to the store, the associates revise it, my surprise was when they told me that this wallet was used, I told them the I never opened the box, the wallet was supposed to be new. They called a manager. his name is Jesus, he told me that I needed to come back to Neiman Marcus LV store when I bought this wallet and ask them about this issue.

I went there, I was talking with the manager, but she said that it was not possible that she cannot did anything for me. I decided to call to Louis Vuitton customer service, I asked for a person that speak Spanish, the associate Fatima de Jesus was attending me, I explained her what happened, she told me that YES it was possible that the wallet was sold to me in bad condition due all Louis Vuitton purses are hand made. She said that she will try to help me, she apologized by the issue that I had in these stores. Later, she contacted me asking to send pics in detail of the wallet, I sent these.

She sent me an e-mail telling me that the pictures were examined by the LV Quality department, that the wallet was used and they cannot do anything. I responded her, that it was not the problem, the problem was that i was asking to replace my wallet for a new one due they sold me it in used condition, She replied me, telling that she will see what she can do. Later she replied me again, telling that she talked with the managers at the LV store and Neiman Marcus LV store in Houston, Gallery Mall, that the wallet cannot be replaced. I replied her again, asking why they believed the managers and not me, that what was the difference so if it was DISCRIMINATION against my person?

She never replied me, I decided to call them again, another Spanish associate attended me, her name was Samantha, I felt her in bad mood, she told me that Fatima de Jesus was not there, that Fatima de Jesus' manager was not there too, I understood that they started to lied me. She repeated me many times that they cannot do anything, I asked her many times the reason about their decision, she never gave me a reasonable response. I asked her to talk with a manager or a CEO but she said that not every person can contact these important persons so again I felt discriminated. Finally she said me that Fatima and Fatima's manager were on vacation that next week, they will contact me.

I am sorry about the long story, but I really need help, I am a person that spend long time saving to buy the LV purses, it is not fair that don't replace my wallet, I now that LV brand is very recognized and the owners are fair persons, I really don't understand it, I am confused. Please help me!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie Wallet.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1270.

Preferred solution: They replace the wallet for a new one..

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One week ago, I received a call from a lady who is working at Louis Vuitton store at Houston Gallery Mall, her name is Andrea, she said me that at the next day she will talk with the Neiman Marcus Louis Vuitton store manager then she will contact with with a solution for this complaint. At today, she is not contacting me, I tried to call her but they respond that she is not there, I left a voice message to her, she never responded me, right now I have more than half hour in the line, waiting that she respond my call.

The lady Fatima de Jesus from the corporative office never responded to my last e-mail. I feel very discouraged. I tried to trust them one more time, I ordered another bag, the name is Saintongue, I received it, my surprise was the bad quality of the purse, the leather looked like plastic, to be sure I went with a person that knows more about Louis Vuitton purses, but she confirmed me the bad quality of this purse, recommending me to process a return immediately.

I am writing it, because they continue refusing to replace my Felicie wallet, telling me that they never sell bad quality purses so I have one more proof that they are doing that. Please help me!!!

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